Intercomp Tension Link Scale Model TL6000
Intercomp Tension Link Scale Model TL6000
The state of the art 14 bit A/D microprocessor delivers more features and functions to ensure the TL6000 is a versatile yet easy to use tool. Everything is powered by two (9V) alkaline batteries that provide more then 500 hours of continuous use to ensure you are virtually never without power. No other tension link offers these all encompassing features in one complete unit. Compact Design - Light weight and compact the TL6000 answers most overhead weighing requirement but now provides the ultimate in portability. Perfect for weighing in multiple locations. It allows easy installation into almost any line and reduces headroom Ioss due to the low overall height. The TL600 is your mobile weighing and line tension device for use anywhere and anytime. Unparalleled Accuracy - Performance characteristics wouldn't mean a thing if not for the TL6000's unparalleled accuracy AND repeatability.
WeightSale Price
TL6000-500500 x 0.5 lb15$1,250.00
TL6000-10001.000 x 1 lb15$1,250.00
TL6000-20002.000 x 2 lb20$1,250.00
TL6000-50005.000 x 5 lb25$1,400.00
TL6000-100010.000 x 10 lb30$1,625.00
TL6000-2500025.000 x 20 lb30$2,020.00
TL6000-5000050.000 x 50 lb50$2,235.00
TL6000-100.000100.000 x 100 lb50$3,260.00
TL6000-160.000160.000 x 200 lb70$8,150.00
TL6000-220.000220.000 x 200 lb70$8,995.00
TL6000-350.000350.000 x 500 lb90$10,995.00
TL6000-400.000400.000 x 500 lb90$12,995.00
TL6000-500.000500.000 x 500 lb90$15,995.00
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