CAS, Label Printing Price Computing Scale Model LP-1000
CAS, Label Printing Price Computing Scale Model LP-1000
Programmable scale and printer. Auto printing and "Save" for pre-pack. 54 preset keys. 4,000 PLU (Price Look Up). Each PLU can have 5 lines with 80 characters each for 400 characters per PLU. Easy to read bright green display has three readouts for Total Price, Weight and Unit Price. Keyboard for entry values. Keys for ZERO, TARE, PLU, SAVE, FOR, X, PRT, 1/2 AND 1/4. PLU data items: Commodity name, message, sellby data, unit price, weight, total price, store name & address. Smudge proof thermal label, Stainless steel platform size 10" x 15" and 16" x 17" x 7.7"H.
WeightSale Price
400 Char/4000 PLU Memory
LP-1000-N30 x 0.01lb34$1,495.00
Pole Mount Display
400 Char/4000 PLU Memory
LP-1000-NP30 x 0.01lb36$1,495.00
LP1000 software w/cable1$89.00
RS232 Interface cable1$30.00
Service Parts
LST8000 Labels 58 x 30mm 1000/roll 12/case9$115.00
LST8010 Labels 58 x 40mm 700/roll 12/case9$115.00
LST8020 Labels 58 x 60mm 500/roll 12/case for models B & C only9$115.00
LST8030 Labels 58 x 50mm 500/roll 12/case9$115.00
LST8040 Labels 58 x 60mm 500/roll 12/case9$115.00
LP-1000 Printhead49$273.00
Owners manual for LP-10001$43.00
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