Totalcomp, Baggage Scale Kit Model TPB
Totalcomp, Baggage Scale Kit Model TPB
This baggage scale indicator kit consists of: (2) Remote digital weight displays, panel mountable, (1) Electronic control unit, high impact plastic, contains power supply and A/D (2) Switches for LB/KG and ZERO/ON/OFF for remote mounting, includes cables for switches. The remote displays have 0.56" high LEDs, bezels for panel mounting, and 10ft of heavy duty data cable that connects to the control unit. The indicator kit is factory set up for use with a 300kg 2mv/v load cell. The scale bases offered below are st up for the indicator kit.
WeightSale Price
TPB-300 Indicator kit300 lb x 0.5 lb10$815.00
24" x 18" x 5.25" Platform
TPB-2418-500-CS500 lb80$1,069.00
24" x 24" x 5.25" Platform
TPB-2424-500-CS500 lb120$1,099.00
30" x 30" x 5.25" Platform
TPB-3030-500-CS500 lb140$1,290.00
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