Scale Model DXL7000, Bases from 10
Scale Model DXL7000, Bases from 10" & up
From heavy washdown in meat, poultry and seafood to tough industrial jobs. Doran's DXL Base is the choice of Scale Pros again and again. Doran's exclusive "Quad Spring" DXL design provides the very best in shock and static overload protection. Low profile design - 10" X 10" is only 2" high. Stainless Steel to resist the corrosive effects of a wet environment. Available in 10" x 10", 12" x 12", 15" x 15", or 18" x 18".
NTEP certified, 2 Year Warranty.
WeightSale Price
10" x 10" Platform x 2" High
DXL7002-10P2 lb13$545.00
DXL7005-10P5 lb13$545.00
DXL7010-10P10 lb13$545.00
DXL7025-10P25 lb13$545.00
DXL7050-10P50 lb13$545.00
12" x 12" Platform x 3" High
DXL8050-12P50 lb19$695.00
DXL8100-12P100 lb19$695.00
15" x 15" Platform x 3" High
DXL9050-15P50 lb34$950.00
DXL9100-15P100 lb34$950.00
DXL9200-15P200 lb34$950.00
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